TAPP (Teen Age Parent Program)  

TAPP is a program for pregnant and parenting students who want to earn their high school diploma.  Students have parent education classes to learn about different issues in teen parenting such as discipline, development, multi-generational living, relationships, and so much more.  This class provides opportunities for discussion and for students to support and learn from each other as they are all in the same unique situation and are going through the same issues.  Establishing trust and support between students and creating positive relationships is a great benefit and makes the learning experience even better.  

Throughout the year speakers from various businesses and community agencies may come to our class and share their expertise in specific areas such as banking and money management and resources such as WIC, Mahube-Otwa Headstart, Lakes Crisis & Resource Center, Becker County Child Support, and more.  We also visit agencies/businesses to see where they are located and so the students themselves become familiar with the community resources and will know where to go in the future when they are out of school.    

Homebound services are also provided when a student is placed on bedrest during pregnancy or when they deliver their babies.  The OB physician will need to provide a letter with instructions to provide homebound services for a minimum of 6 weeks or as long as the doctor deems necessary for the health of mom and baby.  Academic instruction typically occurs on Friday afternoons, evenings or the weekends and wherever the student feels most comfortable whether it is at home, the school or in a virtual format. 

Contact Information

Call 218-844-5687 for more information.