Community Mental Health Resources

Are you concerned about your mental health or that of someone else? If how you’re feeling is keeping you from living the way you want, you might want to get the concern checked out.

Local agencies that can provide counseling and resources:


Crisis Hotline

24-hour Crisis Hotline: 850-HELP (or 850-4357)


Mental Health Counseling & Psychiatric Services

(218) 444-2845
Graystone Hotel, Suite 111 Detroit Lakes
(218) 847-1676
928 8th St SE, Detroit Lakes
(218) 846-2244
1219 Washington Ave, Detroit Lakes
(218) 847- 8572
Detroit Lakes


Substance Abuse Treatment

(218) 844-5191
115 West Willow, Suite 1, Detroit Lakes
(866) 847-0696
1000 8th St, Detroit Lakes