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The Detroit Lakes Area Learning Center is a Minnesota State Approved Alternative Program. It has been developed to serve Detroit Lakes students as well as area students. Frazee and Lake Park/Audubon Public Schools are partners in programming.

The purpose of alternative education is to develop educational programs for students who are "at-risk" of not graduating from a traditional education program.

The Eligibility criteria that defines "at-risk" is set forth by the Minnesota Statute 124D.68. Students must meet one or more of the criteria to be eligible for alternative education programs (see Eligibility Criteria.


• Performs substantially below the performance level for pupils of the same age in a locally determined achievement test.
• Is at least one year behind in satisfactorily completing coursework or obtaining credits for graduation.
• Is pregnant or is a parent.
• Has been assessed as chemically abusive and/or dependent.
• Has been excluded or expelled.
• Has been referred by Student Assistance Team for enrollment in an eligible alternative program
• Is a victim of physical or sexual abuse.
• Has an assessed mental health condition.
• Has experienced homelessness sometime within six months before requesting a transfer to an alternative program.
• Speaks English as a second language or has limited English proficiency (LEP).
• Has withdrawn from school or has been chronically truant.
• Has not passed Basic Skills Math, Reading or Writing Test(s).