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Lundin, Peter Principal
Steele, Jeanette Assistant to the Principal

Anderson, Nathan Counselor
Baxter, Brady Social Studies
Carlson, Brad ISP Math
Goodwater, Amy Recovery School Coordinator
Horner, Angie
Jackson, Todd Physical Education
Jeri, Sakrismo ISP Personal Finance
Johnson, Vicky ISP - Physical Education
Kuhlemeyer, Delorse ISP - English
Lindstrom, Jennifer School Social Worker
Lundin, Peter Principal
Martinez, Nicki Language Arts
Miller, Micheal Mathematics
Myers, Cara Special Education
Skarie, Shelley Parent Education Coordinator/Teacher
Steele, Jeanette Assistant to the Principal
Turnwall, Robin ISP - Social Studies
Voz, Heidi Language Arts/Art
Weaver, Dennis Science